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September 2020: Who would have thought this would be possible, that we would travel abroad autumn 2020! But we did! We found an opportunity at the very VERY last minute to travel to Iceland! It meant 1 week in quarantine in a nice little house in middle of nowhere, but with great views! And 2 weeks of travelling around the whole island. And being able to travel here during the Covid time has been such a unique opportunity, with hardly anyone around and being able to experience the amazing nature without disturbances. In short: it was a fantastic trip!

For now this page will be a sort of photo collage, but hopefully some day soon I will have some time to write a bit more in depth about my visit to Dettifoss.

The impressive Dettifoss waterfall



Map Dettifoss

But before I continue with my impressions of our drive and visit to Dettifoss, please let me give you an idea where you can find it on the map. Dettifoss is about 7 hours / 540 kilometres drive north east of Reykjavik according to maps. But for us driving on the roads in Tceland took often more time than was indicated.

location on the map: 65.8146743, -17.5051815

Another important thing is to ensure to have a filled gas tank because distances are long here and gas stations are few and far between in this area.


Simone & Åke, September 2020, Dettifoss, Iceland



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