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Once upon a time I had quite an extensive page about City Centre of Stockholm. But well, things happen, and the website it was written on (Virtual Tourist) disappeared. And now, many years later, I realize that I have never rebuild this extensive page.... oops!

So I guess it is high time to write about this beautiful city, not that far away from where I live. I will take it very slowly though, adding bits and pieces once in a while, to what once was one of my favourite pages. And I guess you just to have a bit patient to see the final result ;-)

I am aware that is going to be an extensive page, so I have devided in several sections, reflecting parts of the City Center. And below you have a some quick links bringing you to a specific part on this page if you wish:
• Gamla Stan & Riddarholmen
• Stockholm City and Östermalm
• Djurgården & Ladugårdsgärdet



Swedish History Museum / Historiska museum

The Swedish History Museum narrates Sweden's history from the earliest times to the present. Gold and silver treasures and magnificent medieval art.

Historiska museum


Djurgården & Ladugårdsgärdet

Museum of Ethnography / Etnografiska Museum

Stockholm is a great city to visit if you are interested in musea. There are quite a few of them, and some of them are for free. And the Etnografiska museum (the Museum of Ethnography) is one of these! At this moment at least, Oct 2019, who knows if this will change again in future.

Although sometimes a bit chaotic in their displays, with not that many descriptions with each item, they have some wonderful objects in their exhibitions. This is especially the case if you like masks and statues like I do. The museum has collections from Asia, Africa, Australia, Oceania, America, and Greenland. What you will find here is lots about the folklore, beliefs and practices of different cultures around the world. Most of the objects in the museum date back to the 19th and 20th century

I made a separate page where you will find a photo impression taken during some of my visits to the Etnografiska museum. Some parts of the exhibitions change, but some you will recognize if you have been here before. It never bores me to go here though, as there is always something that captures my attention and fascination. My latest visit was during October 2019, and the majority of the photos in the impression on the separate page are from that visit.


'Bek bek koall a nusa'


monkey head

Gamla Stan & Riddarholmen

The Storkyrkan, Cathedral of Stockholm

The next stop on my virtual tour through Stockholm is the Storkyrkan in the Gamla Stan (old town). The Storkyrkan, or Nicolai kyrka, is located between the palace and the Stock Exchange. It is a beautiful Cathedral, but probably overlooked quite a few times as the exterior isn't that grand. And that is a real pity as the interior of the cathedral is stunning! It has many unique artefacts, and an absolute must see on your visit to Stockholm.

When I walked into the Cathedral it overwhelmed me right away. All I could say was ooooh and oooooh again, so taken I was the first sight of the interior of this Cathedral. Nothing really sensible came out of my mouth, I didn't know what to say, but oooooh.... beautiful.... and oooh again. It is not that the Cathedral is huge, like some Cathedrals, but it is just stunningly beautiful. The cathedral was first constructed in 1250, but has been rebuilt many times since then. Because of that the exterior appears to be Baroque but the interior exhibits basic Gothic elements.

Cathedral of Stockholm

Cathedral tower

Cathedral of Stockholm

Saint George and the Dragon inside the Cathedral

Simone & Åke, Stockholm, Sweden



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