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Summer 2020, and our original travel plans for this year have totally disappeared due to the Covid19 epidemic. But slowly a new travel plan has developed, to a destination that has been on our wishlist for quite some time: a visit to The High Coast of Sweden. And on the route back home making stops in the Åre/Vålådalen area and the area around Idre. These are two beautiful mountain areas, mostly known for winter sports, but they are also perfect for hiking during the summer months.

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Fulufallen, a great off the beaten path hike



Fulufallen: a hidden gem that very few people know about. On a stretch of 400 metres, no less than 8 rapids and waterfalls await you with a total fall height of 80 m. A friend tipped us about this hike, and I am so happy that she did! Thank you Carina!! :-)

Map Fulufallen hike
height map Fulufallen hike

We have an app on our phone that records our walks, which is quite fun (the App is called Komoot). The map on the left side is our recorded walk.

If you want to do the exact same hike as we did, you can find the link here:

Starting point: Drive past Mörkret west of Särna (approx. 30 km). Stop at the car park in Tjärnvallen, right hand side of the road. You will see a sign "Forserna 1,7 km"

GPS starting point: N61.63467, E12.630598 (click to open coordinates on google maps)

Type: loop trails

Length: 3,7 km.

Total height difference: 50 m

Trail signs: Arrow signs on trees, very well marked

Difficulties: The first part of the hike is really easy. No height differences during the trail making this to a very easy hike. Only the stretch beside the river has some rocky parts, but not that difficult either.



Simone & Åke, July 2020, Fulufallen, Sweden



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