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The West Coast of Sweden

Hiking on the island of North Koster

One of our favourite spots to visit for a week during the spring, before the tourist season starts, is the West Coast of Sweden. I think this is my seventh visit to this part of Sweden, quite remarkable as I hardly ever revisit a place! I often squeeze in some all-time favourites during these visits, but I also try to discover new places. And the Koster Islands, part of the Kosterhavets National Park, is one of those spots that has been on the wishlist forever, and which I finally managed to visit in June 2021. The weather was not fully on our side, but great to finally be able to hike on the island of North Koster.

For now this page will be a sort of photo collage, but hopefully some day soon I will have some time to write a bit more in depth about my visit to Koster Islands.

All the photos in the collage below are clickable, so you can view the larger photo.

Hiking on North Koster


North Koster

Hiking on North Koster

North Koster

Simone & Åke, June 2021, Koster Islands, Sweden



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