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Ballooning over Bagan

Update 2020-02-01: It has been a long time since I wrote my latest travel blog. But finally another one done! :-)
And it was such a pleasure to write about my Ballooning trip over Bagan in Myanmar. While I was selecting the photos, memories of this day returned more and more vivid. And while writing and remeniscing, it was almost like I was up there in that hot air balloon one more time, enjoying these amazing views over the plains of Bagan, dotted with temples and pagodas of a 1000 year old, all arround us, and as far as the eyes could see. Hearing the sounds of daily life below slowly echoing to us above, breathing in the early morning air, the sound of the burners of the hot air balloon and feeling the warmth coming from the first sunbeams at sunrise..... they are truely memories for life for me.


Update 2018-11-25: Bayon, Cambodia. The temple of the many mystic smiles. It is early morning when we arrive here, the sun has just gone up, but enough so for the sun rays to light up the temple and the columns with the smiling faces in stone. This place is unique, with its enormous faces carved in the stone, and that small touch of a smile.


Update 2018-11-25: Sukau, Borneo (Malaysia)


Update 2018-11-25: Selingan, Borneo (Malaysia)

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