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Vermilion Cliffs
Grinnell Lake, Glacier NP
Grand Canyon

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Update 2019-08-10: Some of my favourite memories of visiting National Parks are from Glacier National Park. And on this day we did the Hike to Grinnell Lake, Glacier NP, USA. A gorgeous short day hike with a 'bear surprise', a not-so-shy deer passing by, and wonderful views over turquoise-coloured waters of the glacial lakes.
Update 2019-07-27: Recollecting memories of my trip to the SouthWest of the US in 2010: to be specific, a visit to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Here is where a dream came true to see the sunrise over the Grand Canyon. And how lucky I was with the weather that day to be able to see the perfect sunrise. Magical!
Update 2019-02-10: Glacier National Park, USA, with ongoing writing on Glacier NP, I have created an index page for the individual Glacier pages.
Update 2018-11-25: Goblin Valley State Park, USA

Update 2018-09-30: added a photo collage of fantastic Yellowstone National Park, USA

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