American Robin eating berries, Glacier National Park
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Glacier National Park

I only visited once, but am always dreaming of returning to this park. Some of my favourite memories of visiting National Parks are from Glacier National Park. Both the landscape, the amazing hikes, as well as the abundance of wildlife, has made this one of my favourite places in the world.

We spend a week in total in Glacier National Park, and below you can find the links to the individual pages I have written so far of my visit to the park.


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Mist over Lake Sherburne, Glacier National Park

Mist on Lake Sherburne

During this short trip we were marvelled by the view over Lake Sherburne in the Mist, and a bear cub high up in a tree....

Deer at Grinnell Lake

Grinnell Lake

A daytrip, hiking around Lake Josephine and up to Grinnell Lake and Hidden Falls....

Garden Wall hike, Glacier National Park

Garden Wall

Highline trail...



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