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New Zealand


A long time dream has come true: travelling around New Zealand! A trip of 4 weeks in total, mainly to the South Island, but also a week on the North Island. New Zealand is a diverse country, with such an enormous varied landscape, where there is always a surprise around the corner while driving the endless roads. I loved seeing the rugged coastline, drove through landscape that reminded of Tuscany in Italy with is rolling hills and cypress trees, hiking around Alpine Lakes and Glaciers, seeing the most amazing blue lakes, deep Fjords that reminded me of Norway, and soaking in the fascinating vulcanic landscape. We went hiking in forests that seemed ancient, strolled around streets filled with Art Deco Architecture, birds that look prehistoric, seals being so close I could almost touch them.

Below you can see a short slideshow with some first impressions of my visit to New Zealand. In the menu above you can find the links to the pages about New Zealand that I've written so far.



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