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Hooker Valley
Clay Cliffs of Omarama

Update 2019-11-17: By accident really, I stumbled upon a photo of the Clay Cliffs of Omarama on South Island in New Zealand, while researching for my New Zealand trip. And as I do like my out-of-the-way places, this instantly intriged me. And although out of the way, it wasn't difficult to fit it into my itinerary, as it didn't require such a long detour to 'squeeze' in a visit to here. And the detour was so worth it! During this early morning, the sunlight is shining into the amphitheatre of the Clay Cliffs, lighting up its walls. Fog flaring around the rugged peaks; the walls of the cliffs shining up in hues of orange and golden. It is such a mesmerizing sight to see!

Te Anau

Update 2018-10-28: Ever heard of the Takahe? A mystic bird that cannot fly, is bright in colours, and looking almost prehistoric? The photo below is one of the last 340 remaining birds in the world, a bird previously thought to be extinct. Well, as promised, the writing bug has continued! And this weekend I wrote a bit about the Takahe and the Te Anau Bird Sanctuary which I visited during my New Zealand trip in 2017.

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