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June 2019, we decided to make a spontenous trip to... well, to somewhere?! We had no idea really where to go, so we started brainstorming about possible destinations, and Åke mentioned "maybe, Montenegro"? YES!! I quickly cried out, what a fantastic idea!! That would be perfect!


A few years ago, when we visited Croatia, some of the locals mentioned that we probably would like Montenegro because of its beautiful nature and possibilities to hike. And so we decided right away, without really knowing anything about this little country at the Adriatic Sea, to book our flight. And a week later, we were here, in Montenegro, starting our trip at the lovely little village of Perast :-)

Bay of Kotor;
town of Perast and Kotor
Prokletije National Park
Mrtvica Canyon
Durmitor National Park.

Below I will writing some practical information on our trip to Montenegro, like how to get here, and where we stayed. In the links at the top of the page, you will find links with the impressions of the places we have visited.

Practical information

How to get here:

We flew into Dubrovnik as that was the easiest for us (direct flight to there). But there are airports in Montenegro as well, which, depending on your available flights, could be more practical. Montenegro is only a small country, and driving in from Dubrovnik, which is right at the border with Montenegro, is easy (under 2 hours). But the disadvantage is that you might get stuck at the border crossing, especially during high season. Waiting at the border can get long, it took as an hour to wait in the long line of cars (not during high season). And, oh yes, you need extra insurance on the car to drive from Croatia to Montenegro. Depending on your car rental company this is included or not.


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