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Sifnos, Greece

Pictures from our Greece vacation May 5th - 14th.

Island of Sifnos , West Cyclades, Greece


Church of Chrisopighi


Church of Chrisopighi, Island of Sifnos, Greece


Chapel of the Seven Martyrs


Chapel of Seven Martyrs, Kastro, Sifnos




Small village of Vathi at Sifnos, Greece

The Island of Sifnos is in the West Cyclades, Greece




Driving to the north


Dovecote of Sifnos

A dovecote is a building intended to house pigeons or doves. It is believed that these triangular patterns are the reason why the pigeons are attracted to these towers.


In Medieval Europe, the possession of a dovecote was a symbol of status and power and was strictly regulated by law and only the nobles had this privilege.


The birds were kept both for their eggs and flesh. The towers were originally built by the Venetians. They have two floors; the lower is for storage and the upper floor is for the doves.  You can see some of them on island of Sifnos.



My favourite memory of my visit to the island of Sifnos is our trip to Cheronisos. Up to this day we remember and laugh about that beautiful sunny afternoon on the norhtern part of Sifnos.


Lunch at Cheronisos, Island of Sifnos, Greece


Floating boat


Cheronisos, Island of Sifnos, Greece


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