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Kirche am Steinhof, Vienna

There are some places that make such an impression that you'll never forget them. And for me 'Kirche am Steinhof' is such a place! When I think about Art Nouveau, this is the one place that immediatelly pops into my head. This little church just oozes Art Nouveau, on the inside and outside. I can easily say that I have never seen anything like it in my life before!

The church was built between 1903 and 1907 by the architect Otto Wagner. The beautiful sculptural angels on the outside of the church are from Othmar Schimkowitz (see the photo collage below). The glass mosaic windows are by Koloman Moser.

The church is located a bit out of the way, but absolutely worth your time when in Vienna. And I am so happy that I took the effort to do so. Do plan ahead of time though, as the church has very limited opening hours. If I remember correcty it was open only a few hours during Saturday (15:00-17:00) and Sunday (12:00-17:00).

In the photo collage below you can get a bit of an impression of what to expect from a visit to the church. The wealth of Art Nouveau details will however take you by surprise when you are here. It really is a special place.

All the photos in the collage below are clickable, so you can see the larger photo if you wish.

Kirche am Steinhof (Church of St. Leopold), Vienna


Kirche am Steinhof, Vienna

 designed by Otto Wagner


January 2009, Vienna, Austria



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